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Welcome to the Official Juan P. Chisholm website. Juan P. Chisholm is a nationally acclaimed author, entrepreneur, educator and motivational speaker. He has completed the "Strategic Finance" program at the Harvard Business School, has served on a televised panel discussion with Senator Hillary Clinton for his financial expertise, and has published two books "How to Make Your Past A Blessing To Your Future" and "Investitude".

Dr. Chisholm is also the celebrated speaker of the "Graduate Debt Free" series as he has shared with countless students and worked with a myriad of organizations and their members on how to graduate from college debt free. Click here to have Dr. Chisholm share with your organization.  Alternatively, if you would like Dr. Chisholm to consult with you one on one to graduate debt free, click here.   

Juan P. Chisholm is available for motivational speaking engagements as well as consulting (business, financial and publishing) through his businesses Young Investors, Inc., Greenlight Books & Publishing, LLC, and Chisholm Investments & Financial Services, LLC.

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